GET api/v1.0/regulators/:assembly

List available regulators for an assembly



Name Type Description Default Example Values
assembly string name of an assembly - hg19

Examle Request

  "CLIPSEQ_AGO2_hg19": {
    "description": "This track contains 53,342 AGO-2 CLIP sites in HEK 293 cells.",
    "experiment": "CLIPSEQ",
    "id": "CLIPSEQ_AGO2_hg19",
    "methods": "CLIP library preparation was carried out according to the original protocol. Additional details on data processing can be obtained from the original publication - section 'From reads to binding sites.' We have merged clusters from replicate experiments.",
    "references": [
        "authors": [
          "Kishore S",
          "Jaskiewicz L",
          "Burger L",
          "Hausser J",
          "Khorshid M",
          "Zavolan M"
        "journal": "Nature Methods",
        "pages": "559-64",
        "pubmed": "21572407",
        "title": "A quantitative analysis of CLIP methods for identifying binding sites of RNA-binding proteins",
        "year": "2011"
    "summary": "AGO2 CLIP-SEQ (Kishore 2011)"
  /* ... */