API documentation

Python API

The Sci-ModoM v0.0.0-alpha python API can be used to run local queries, but has currently limited functionality.
The central entry point for all analyses is the run.analyse function.

Rest API
The Sci-ModoM v0.0.0-alpha API has limited functionality.

List available datasets

Resource Description
GET api/v1.0/genomes List available genomes
GET api/v1.0/assemblies/:genome List available assemblies for a genome
GET api/v1.0/regulators/:assembly List available modifications for an assembly

Run search

Resource Description
POST api/v1.0/search Run a query search

Query job information

Resource Description
GET api/v1.0/status/:uuid Get the status for job :uuid
GET api/v1.0/result/:uuid Get the result for job :uuid

Download data

Resource Description
GET api/v1.0/download/results/:uuid Download all results for job :uuid
GET api/v1.0/download/regulator/:assembly/:name Download the regulator :name for :assembly